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For Experts The tasks described in this manual require expert knowledge of Unix/Linux and embedded systems.

The Radarcape contains a full Linux system based on the Beaglebone hardware, so it can even be used for developing your own code. You can find plenty of information in the web. Here, it shall only be showed how some small "hello world" and other small applications can be compiled and run on the Radarcape.

Packages For C/C++ Development On Beaglebone (Angstrom)

These packages are needed for C or C++ development on the Beaglebone:

opkg update
opkg install gcc
opkg install gcc-symlinks
opkg install g++
opkg install g++-symlinks
opkg install make
opkg install boost
opkg install libc6-dev
opkg install binutils
opkg files libgcc-s-dev

It is recommended that these packages be updated in the explicit sequence above rather than all-at-once.

Building Boost For Beaglebone

Mind these pages:

Cross Compilation
Note 1: take care that the user-config.jam is in the search path of b2
Note 2: you eventually need to install these libs for completeness

sudo apt-get install python-dev
sudo apt-get install python-bzutils
sudo apt-get install libbz2-dev

Invoke b2 (command-syntax)

Invocation (targets and switches)

In case of fails with respect to something with Python

My compile command:<br\>

 ./b2 -j 2 toolset=gcc-armhf --libdir=/home/dl4mea/boost_1_56_0/arm-linux-gnueabihf/lib install

Building Boost For Windows (CodeBlocks, mingw)

  • Links: Boost Instructions
  • path variable must contain a setting for the mingw gcc compiler binaries, e.g.
  • open cmd window and change dir to c:\boost_1_56_0\tools\build
  • execute - mingw option is important!!! - bootstrap.bat mingw
  • b2 install --prefix=c:\boost_1_56_0
  • cd c:\boost_1_56_0
  • add the c:\boost_1_56_0\bin to your path
  • cd C:\boost_1_56_0
    tools\build\b2 -j2 toolset=gcc --without-mpi --without-python --build-type=complete stage
    Less succes with: b2 -j2 --build-dir=c:\boost_1_56_0 toolset=gcc --build-type=complete stage

It needs around 2h for building on a dual core machine.